I hope everyone had a safe and fun week with the snow! I had a wonderful week with Ariel since we were fortunate to be safe at home enjoying the view.
   Just wanted to let everyone know that we will continue lesson 18 in reading next week. Our  test will be on Friday February 7th. It will cover our story Me and Uncle Romie,  the suffixes -er -est -ly and -ful, theme, vocabulary, and articles (a, an, the).
   We also have a PTO meeting on Monday, February 3rd at 6:00. I hope to see everyone there. Have a great weekend!
I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! We will be starting new units in all subjects this week. Our class website has been updated and will be a useful tool you can use to see what our students are learning, to help students at home, and to contact me. Please feel free to comment on any blogs posted or to send me a contact entry if you have any questions, comments, or concerns. This goes for my 3rd graders too! I love receiving comments and entries from students telling me hi, letting me know what they need help with, or what they liked in our lessons.  I'm looking forward to a wonderful new year and an amazing 2nd semester!

    Mrs. Hunter

    Information will be posted about upcoming events and activities in our class throughout the year.


    January 2014